Public Announcement No. 20150117: Written Examination

Published on November 25, 2015


The examination for masters and holy and virtuous ones at the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) is executed very seriously and is divided into several steps. First, everyone taking the examination must take a written test on the theoretical knowledge of Buddhism. Only after taking the written examination, can one enter into the step of validation by “Dharma Gate Palace Feather.” Those who have passed the validation will receive a certificate of finalist. Only holders of the certificate of finalist can enter the examination site and take the examination in the holy realm. Those who have passed this final examination in the holy realm will be issued a certificate stating one’s qualification as a master and a set of dharma attire with button(s) indicating one’s grade level, based on the class or grade level that one passed the examination at. Regarding in which class a master’s accomplishment is and whether this class is high or low, the only indication is this master’s grade level!

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s opinion is, “To acquire correct understanding and views for attaining accomplishment and liberation, a cultivator must master the theoretical knowledge of Buddhism. In particular, one who is a master must be proficient and broadly knowledgeable in sutras, vinayas, and shastras (commentaries). Otherwise, one may easily regard evil dogmas, strange ideas, and feudal superstition as official teaching of Buddha-dharma. Moreover, in today’s world, strange paranormal phenomena and evil knowledge and views are actively deluding and deceiving people in the Buddhist world, with a likelihood of more than ninety percent. Therefore, theory must be included in the examination. The examination held by UIWBAH this time does not use profound sutras, vinayas, and shastras to trouble masters and cultivators taking the examination. Rather, the questions to be answered involve some basic and common knowledge of authentic Buddhism. After taking the written examination, those of you who are masters will have a higher recognition and correct direction, to let you know why you do not have the qualification to give discourses and how low your level is at. Only using this method can reduce cultivators’ mistakes and faults.

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “I do not advocate that you hold an examination in the holy realm with some kind of battle positions. However, I agree very much with giving a written examination by answering questions with commentaries and explanations.

UIWBAH would like to point out a particular fact. Some people who had already submitted the application to take the examination in the holy realm became very alarmed and scared after learning that all must take a written examination. They use various kinds of reasons to prevaricate and ask for being excused from the written examination. This is really strange. Since they dare pose themselves as masters and holy ones, how can they fear a written test? Actually, such behavior has unintentionally revealed the falsification in these people’s nature because they know what they are. They know clearly that they are falsely claimed holy ones, Bodhisattvas, and so-and-so holy mothers and are in reality amateurs to the teaching of Buddhism and Buddha-dharma who are completely performing deceptions on their students. If they take the written examination this time, all their inner nature will be completely exposed and they will no longer have the opportunity to defraud people in the world. Therefore, even if they have to give up the certificate of master or holiness and virtue, they still do not want their face mask to be lifted. Out of all schemes and strategies they can come up with, the best one would be escaping from the written examination. However, Buddhist disciples all clearly understand a fact: Isn’t a master who dares not even take this examination a false holy one or a false master? And, isn’t this person a swindler?

Therefore, all Buddhist disciples must take caution. If you know anyone who has submitted an application to UIWBAH to take the examination but now wants to withdraw from the examination or who claims to be an incarnation of a holy one but dares not taking the examination, you must not follow him or her anymore to remain being deceived by him or her. You should know that this person is a swindler!!!

UIWBAH received a letter from a Buddhist, which talks about his Great-Jewel Vajra Master who possesses the title of incarnation of a famous holy person known to everyone. We are not going to point out whether this master is male or female here. His master told him, “You know me best. I also never treated you wrong through these many years. We just live on this holy title of incarnation. If I go to take this written examination on theories, I will definitely be like being killed. Then, how can we develop in the future? I do not want this certificate of holiness and virtue anymore! You go and submit a report, saying that I recently had some misfortune or specifically had an auto accident. Therefore, I request being excused from the written examination.”

This Buddhist wrote, “I was astounded upon hearing that and felt very bad. When I helped him to make propaganda in the past, I really followed his instructions without sparing any effort. However, I could have never imagined that he showed himself to be a false one when facing the examination. How could he be the incarnation of a great holy one whom I always respected, followed, and relied on? Therefore, I must deeply repent here before Buddhas and Bodhisattvas my sins and malicious karmas of intentionally assisting the evil! I am determined to correct the evil and pursue goodness and will truly cultivate myself. I beseech H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III to accept me as a disciple.”

Actually, the scores from this examination will not be announced publicly. This has been decided by UIWBAH. The scores will not be known between the takers of the examination either. The goal of our UIWBAH is to help these masters or so-called holy men or holy women clearly recognize how much they weigh, whether they are experts or amateurs, and whether they are ordinary beings faking holy ones or true holy and virtuous ones. We hereby inform you all once again. Anyone who does not take the written examination will not undergo the validation by “Dharma Gate Palace Feather.” One who does not receive a certificate of finalist does not have the qualification to take the examination in the holy realm. Therefore, it is impossible for this person to wear the dharma attire with button(s) indicating the grade level. Anyone who has no dharma attire with button(s) indicating the grade level claims but claims to be a holy master belongs to swindlers and demonic persons without exception! In particular, a master who is a holy and virtuous one must possess holy realization, which cannot be counterfeited by ordinary persons, swindlers, and demonic persons!

Great Rinpoche Upper Venerable Wang Zha has already made a decision. He will use Buddha-bestowed nectar he beseeched from an elder virtuous one to do a public demonstration of empowerment with holy realization to you all. In that occasion, you all will elect one, two, or three elder persons who are in their 60s. Within 10 to 20 minutes after the empowerment, their aged appearances will be reversed to faces of people of 20 to 30 years old. To make the comparison even more obvious, half of the face will be empowered first, so people can see directly the dramatic difference of sky and ground between the youthful half-face after empowerment and the aged half-face before empowerment. Everyone at the scene will see what true Buddha-dharma is. True Buddha-dharma is absolutely not what false holy persons and swindlers can fake with the slightest resemblance!!!

Actually, the effect and phenomenon of empowerment are very closely related to one’s karmic forces and sincerity. You will understand this fact by respectfully listening to the recorded dharma lesson expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III titled “Effects Produced by Empowerment.” Upper Venerable Wang Zha said that this is the second time he takes such an absurd action in his current lifetime. He deeply knows that this is a sinful and vulgar act and is even more clearly aware of the consequence that will affect his own accomplishment. Still, for the sake of protecting living beings and teaching and transforming evil masters to abandon the evil and turn toward goodness, he is willing to do this sinful and vulgar act one more time.


                                    United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

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November 25, 2015