Public Announcement No. 20150111: Concerning How Dark Karma Can Offset Great Merit and Other Matters in Taking the Examination

Published on August 27, 2015

by United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

Some people raised this question: Among candidates who use item(s) of virtue to take the examination, is it possible that a person who created very real and substantial merit ends up getting a not very high grade? Such a situation is completely possible and has a high probability. Although this person seems to have done solid and read Buddhist acts and works, we still need to see what his/her purpose is. The following are some examples.

For instance, a person has done a very meritorious deed by establishing many dharma-listening centers to spread and propagate recorded dharma lessons expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. However, on the other hand, he also violated the precepts at the same time of planting the merit through duplicating or re-recording the recorded dharma lessons, erroneously or carelessly explaining the meaning of the dharma, and/or using some books published outside containing evil theories to mix evil dogmas of heretics into their study. He may irresponsibly gives discourses or even defraud cultivators using propagating Buddha-dharma as an excuse. All these types of dark karmas created will cover up the merit of the good deeds he did. This kind of masters will not pass even at the lowest level.

As another example, some people seem to be doing a lot of Buddhist work, are advocating Buddha-dharma, praising Buddha-dharma, protecting Buddha-dharma, and defending justice, and are establishing benefits for all, but in hidden reality all they do is profiting from running the business that they claim as Buddhist work. This kind of masters will not get good results from the examination either.

Also, some people are knowledgeable and proficient in sutras, vinayas, and shatras (commentaries) but have evil, malicious, or radical views in one subject or one dharma. Because of that, they will not pass at good levels or grades.

There are also people who oppress cultivators who are vulnerable or weak. They always think they are right and pose as the superior to everyone else. Although such people may be doing Buddhist work, their speech and conduct are not that of a Buddhist. Therefore, they will not get to any level.

In another type of situations, some people use their holy realization and power of practice to apply internal forces to contest with the dharma. After winning, they exhibited the behaviors of uncontrolled arrogance, perceived self-superiority, and totally impeded karmas of an ordinary person from their body, speech, and mind. This type of people will not do well in the examination either.

Oppositely, if one always creates good karma, does Buddhist work, and practices the dharma effectively as behaviors for benefiting others, faces other people with the mentality of loving compassion, and treats Buddhas and Bodhisattvas seriously with honesty and sincerity, then this person will absolutely pass the examination with a good grade of level. If one possesses holy bodhicitta with great love and great compassion, strictly abides by the precepts, treats other people as his/her own parents, and cultivates in real and concrete steps without any false appearance, this person will definitely pass at a grade of high-level without doubt!!!

Note that the last test of the examination is the examination in the holy realm, not an examination by humans. No selfish partiality can be imposed. Regardless of what tricky means a candidate tries to use, it will be totally useless and he/she will not be able to sneak through to pass. Only cultivators who are honest and sincere, truly learn Buddhism, really cultivate, really do good deeds, really benefit others, pursue real accomplishment of practice and power of cultivation, and always provide beneficial effects to living beings without the purpose of gaining fame and benefits for oneself can pass the test of examination in the holy realm to get high grades and levels. Actually this type of Buddhist cultivators will not have a problem even if they choose to enter the examination in terms of the nature of virtue. Of course, the types of masters who do not act in accord with the dharma as mentioned in the above examples stand no chance of passing the examination in terms of the nature of virtue because that requires the summed overall holy realization and accomplishment from one’s body, speech, and mind.

We hereby again remind you all to notice a fact. Except the grades and levels of holiness and virtue tested in terms of the nature of virtue through the Vajra Battle Position, grades indicating the levels of blue buttons received through taking the examination in item(s) of virtue should be further investigated by cultivators to see in which categories and which items the examination was taken. This is because taking the examination in different items of virtue can represents disparities in actual accomplishment. In other words, it is possible that people having the same grade level are different in their actual realization, virtue, and ability. It is also possible that people with almost the same realization will get different grade levels.

Also, the grade level of Golden Button Grade 1 can be acquired by taking the examination in either the nature of virtue or item(s) of virtue. If entering the examination through the nature of virtue, the final and definitive determination must be done through the Vajra Battle Field Position. A document of statement must be submitted, which clearly indicates whether the applicant thinks that his/her nature is a holy and virtuous one at the level of Golden Button Grade 1, an Arhat, or a Bodhisattva. On the other hand, taking the examination for Golden Button Grade 1 through item(s) of virtue will have the final and definitive determination from the test by the Eight Winds Battle Position. There is no need to report in writing one’s own perceived nature. You only need to write in your application the categories and item(s) to be tested. Once you have passed the level of Blue Button Grade 3 through item(s) of virtue during the examination, you will have the option of not using the Eight Winds Battle Position to test for Golden Button Grade 1 and instead using the Vajra Battle Position to test for Golden Button Grade 1. However, you should indicate this choice in your application for taking the examination. If you have not done so, you can amend your application now to make such indication.

As to the titles and reputations of venerable ones, dharma kings, great rinpoches, great dharma masters, and great laypersons, all are illusory and unreal, regardless of what definitive lineage of which sect or school they may have. The reason is that they are determined by human actions and are thus not accurate. Having such honors, glories, and highly regarded titles has nothing to do with whether they are great Bodhisattvas or holy persons or not. The reality is simply not so. Whether one is a great Bodhisattva or a holy person or not is unrelated to one’s name, title, lineage, or status. Furthermore, no matter what status one has, a real holy person must undergo the examination in the holy realm to validate the grade level for definitive determination. Then, one’s accomplishment can be supported by mounting evidence and be seen clearly by the public in all aspects, including the state of accomplishment, items of strength, items of weakness, and so on.

For a successful candidate, all untested items of virtue can be at Blue Button Grade 2, Blue Button Grade 1, not at any grade, or contrary to the cultivation and practice from the Buddha’s teaching. The results can be revealed by using the 128 views to check and verify!!! On the other hand, those who pass the examination in terms of the nature of virtue are tested in the nature of one’s body, speech, and mind entirely and will not have such issues.

You must not blindly believe in and adore the superficial identity and status to perceive someone as a great holy person, to avoid being misled for the entire lifetime!!!


                                                United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

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August 27, 2015