Public Announcement No. 20150106: Palden Lodoe Investigation

Published on June 20, 2015

by the

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

Some people reported to us and made a request regarding the article “True Story in a Dream State” written by Songjie Rinpoche on June 19. They thought that it told lies and asked if the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) can investigate and verify the fact.

Their reason is that Palden Lodoe violated H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s teaching and spoke falsely to fake a Bodhisattva to deceive living beings. An even more malicious act is that he fabricated lies to frame H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III by saying that the ossuary he owned in Taiwan belonged to His Holiness the Buddha. From investigation, this is a sinister plot he made up to deceive people. Therefore, he was completely a malicious person using the names of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to commit bad acts and deceive living beings! Regarding such a villain with sky-high sins and vicious karmas, they raised three questions:

  1. Could it be possible that he did not recede from a holy one to an ordinary person and was still a holy and virtuous one at the level of three Sumeru wheels? If so, does the law of cause and effect still exist?
  2. His death was due to meeting vicious retribution and was definitively stated in recorded dharma lessons expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III before he died. The information has been transmitted to Buddhists around the world. Could he still be personally received by Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara to the World of Ultimate Bliss?
  3. According to the article, not only such a villain did not descend into one of the three lower realms, but also a story was fabricated to say that he came back sitting on a lotus to announce that he had become an Arhat. Is he equivalent to a holy and virtuous one with one Sun-Moon wheel now?!

They said that Songjie Rinpoche had done a very difficult deed to write and publish his father’s sins and bad karmas to the public. However, he also used this opportunity to speak falsely. Then, he would follow the same path of telling lies and encountering vicious retributions as his father did without doubt.

Due to such a situation, UIWBAH made an inquiry to Songjie Rinpoche. The following is the reply from Songjie Rinpoche,

“The lesson from my father’s vicious retribution due to speaking falsely has left a very deep impression in me. In addition to horror, my heart is trembling with fear. How do I dare to speak falsely? No matter how ignorant and silly I may be, couldn’t I be clear about this fact? Would I speak falsely to step onto the same path as my father? My answer today is, ‘My state of dream was true. I did not lie. I did not make this up.’ Their suspicion about what I wrote is normal. To prove that what I said is true, I would like to make a request to the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters. Let me go through a validation by selection for my father, to check whether what I said is true or false. Is this okay? Since it was said in UIWBAH’s Public Announcement No. 20150103, ‘If Sakyamuni Buddha’s portrait is used for selection and the document of application states seeking the determination of the status of Buddha, dharma hairs will definitely form a hat to manifest the Buddha’s status, since the World-Honored One is truly a Buddha. On the other hand, if a portrait of Monk Ji who is a reincarnated accomplished one is used to determine the status of Buddha, the appearance will definitely not be approved. No hat will be formed because Monk Ji is a false Buddha. The yidam will regard this act as a sinful slander to the Buddha. If Monk Ji wishes to get the approval of dharma hair forming a hat, the document of application must say a reincarnated accomplished one.’ If this validation by selection I take for my father finds out that my father did not say what I stated and I lied, I would have nothing to say to defend myself. The United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters please hold this validation by selection.”

We at United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters think that what Songjie Rinpoche said is reasonable. UIWBAH will conduct a validation by selection for the incident and what his father said in his statement. However, we must inform him that the Vajra dharma Hair Initiation requires at least the accomplishment of practice possessed by Great Venerable One Wangzha who is at the level of Golden Button Grade 3. The holy and virtuous ones at UIWBAH currently do not possess the realization and accomplishment of practice to conduct a validation by selection using the Vajra dharma Hair Initiation and can only perform the validation of selection using the Eight Winds in Samsara Battle Position.

                                    United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

                                    (Seal stamped on every page)

                                    June 20, 2015