Public Announcement No. 20150103: Regarding the Examination of Holiness and Virtue

Published on April 7, 2015

by the

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters:

Many people who devote themselves to the cultivation of Buddhism with genuine intention and sincerity are deceived by false Buddha-dharma. In today’s Buddhist world, there are too many false holy persons who are quite famous. There are some great rinpoches, great dharma kings, and dharma masters who fake being great holy ones with the ability to have their spiritual consciousness emerge out of their physical bodies and turn into  rainbows to fly to the Western Paradise. Actually the fact is simply not so. Through these many years, which one of them has actually transformed into a rainbow body or has had his spiritual consciousness emerge from his body? Also, are they able to turn spiritual consciousness into material objects? They are not even qualified to be a follower to Dharma Master Jian Hui. These false holy ones defrauded cultivators causing extremely severe damage. There are even self-claimed experts who actually have not even entered the Buddha-dharma.

For instance, in recent days, there are a few demonic persons who committed fraud. One of them has the name of Li Yanxin and lives in Kinmen, Taiwan. He is not even aware that he is filled with karmic impediments and ignorance. He knows nothing about the fact that an approval by the yidam in charge of the dharma is required to enter the state of Samadhi when practicing the dharma of meditation transmitted by the Buddha. However, he even dared commit the act of disrespecting his master and betraying his lineage to distortedly alter the dharma of meditation with the intention of usurping it as his own signboard to deceive people. With such impediments of dark karmas and evil views, he is both naïve and piteous! He is completely a swindler from top to bottom.

Today, in this public announcement, the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) formally invites him to come and take the examination of Holiness and virtue. We do not require him to pass at a high level. As long as he can pass the level of one Sumeru wheel, UIWBAH will issue a public announcement to the world to apologize to him. If he dares not to come to take the examination, he will be proven to be a swindler by his unashamed boasting. Actually, he is so idiotic with the act of altering the dharma of meditation from His Holiness the Buddha. We should ask him: Where are your Five Vidyas? Where is your knowledge of exoteric Buddhism? He is truly an ordinary person with a mundane body! Anyone who follows a person of his kind is certain to share his sins and dark karmas and will absolutely devolve into uninterrupted hell.

Looking at the situation in today’s world of Buddhists being deceived by people of low morality, we at UIWBAH are deeply humbled for being unable to turn around the trend. We can only try our best to fulfill our responsibility and duty. We intend to do some Buddhist work to benefit the great masses. Our purpose is to help you all distinguish the real appearance of masters who have the statues of holy ones to prevent people who learn and cultivate Buddhism from being deceived and defrauded. That is why the system of the examination of holiness and virtue has been established. The reason of doing so is to benefit people through preventing forging and manifesting the truth, without the slightest intention of pursuing any self-interests. Dharma King Gar Tongstan, Chairman of UIWBAH and a holy and virtuous one at the level of two Sun-Moon wheels, said,

“I came to this world with poor quality and shallow power of cultivation and realization. I know deeply that I do not have the qualification of accepting disciples. However, when taking the examination of holiness and virtue, I had to conduct an inner-tantric initiation. For that, I accepted a disciple. This is the only time I have done so in my current lifetime. I have to spend my time on cultivation and learning and practicing the dharma. Birth and death are big matters. I dare not slack down even a little bit. When I truly become a Bodhisattva, I will spend all my effort in broadly saving living beings.”

Some people treat the statuses of holy and virtuous ones as very simple matters. However, the real situation is not like what people commonly imagine, “Venerable ones, great dharma kings, great rinpoches, and great dharma masters who possess lineage and have big fame are holy persons and truly understand Buddha-dharma.” Such assessment is too far from reality. Actually, even holy and virtuous ones who can pass the level of “Blue Button Grade One” are very few and are definitely very uncommon. The fact is that, among 100,000 dharma kings, rinpoches, and dharma masters, it is hard to find one or two great holy persons who can pass the examination perfectly in two categories. Passing perfectly in all three categories is infinitely less possible!!!

Now, there are quite a few people who are in the state of not knowing the height of the sky or the depth of the earth. They help their evil masters commit fraud by falsely touting their master as a great Bodhisattva in all kinds of ways. Have you thought about a question? Even if assuming your master can pass one of the three categories of the examination perfectly, he still does not have the realization of a great Bodhisattva. Moreover, can he pass one? Isn’t it true that he is far from that? We hope that you look carefully to see how many items he can pass in the three categories. You should check some facts. Which of the three categories has he passed? Which category is his strong one? Is he close to being an Arhat? What kind of Bodhisattva is he? How many Gold Buttons does he have as a great holy and virtuous one? Does he have the qualifications to give discourses? What destiny will you end up at from listening to his discourses and reading his writings? How can anyone say it is easy to find a master at a level of an Arhat, let alone a master at a level of a Bodhisattva!

Due to worrying about cultivators being defrauded, during the recent several years H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III has always been giving them all this reminder, “Any discourse expounded by someone who is not a great holy and virtuous one at the level of three Sun-Moon wheels is destined to have serious errors with biased and evil knowledge and views. The current Buddhist world is in total chaos. False ones faking what is true can be seen in any direction you look. Swindlers big and small are emerging everywhere. Some swindlers put up flags of lineages to fake holy persons, but they do not even know the basic teaching from the sutras, the principles of Buddha-dharma, and the required cultivation and conduct, let alone talking about true Buddha-dharma! Furthermore, they self-claim to be holy ones to deceive the great masses everywhere.”

“The examination you hold helps all to recognize and distinguish good and bad and whether the content is gold or brass. You are doing a good deed of benefiting the great masses by increasing their gains. It is important to focus on the cultivation and conduct of abstaining from everything that is evil and doing everything that is good. Things belonging to strange paranormal phenomena have no significance at all. Even if assuming that you can use clouds and mists as a vehicle to fly in the sky, you can only waste the precious time you have and cannot end the cycle of birth and death. Can you play a bigger role than an airplane? An airplane can carry hundreds of people to fly.”

“The two great mind essences for cultivation of the Supreme and Unsurpassable Mahamudra of Liberation are the most important. You should learn from and understand Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra. Do anything that benefits living beings and have absolutely nothing to do with anything that does not benefit living beings. Your life as a human is hard to come by. No matter under what situation or what individual slanders and defames you, do not remember and become attached to that. If you cannot keep yourself from being attached to it, force yourself to endure the adversity. Be sure to remember not to leave any unkind, bad, or dark mentality, speech, or act in the world. If all are bright when you leave the world, that means you have treated yourself right and have treated living beings right.”

The empowerment from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III’s teaching is a supreme treasure to us!

Anyone who is called a holy and virtuous one must take and pass the examination to prove being a true holy and virtuous one. Moreover, one has to attain the status of a specific grade of star wheels to wear the corresponding attire of a holy and virtuous one and to be respectively addressed as a holy and virtuous one by cultivators. Conversely, one who self-poses as a holy and virtuous one and an expert of Buddha-dharma but dares not take the examination is a false holy and virtuous one and a true swindler.

The methods used in the examination of holiness and virtue are classified into the “public categories” and the “non-public categories.” The examination is an interview-type conversation between the master presiding over the examination as well as the other proctoring masters and the person being examined. Eventually, the test result is determined by the divine instruction from Manjushri Bodhisattva obtained through dropping divine objects in combination with verified selection of the correct path by Peacock Bright Lord as the dharma protector. The “public categories” have three categories of: 1) “State of Realization,” 2) “Virtue and Character from Cultivation and Conduct.” And 3) “Learning in the Sutras and Shastras.”

  1. The first category of “State of Realization” has two major stages, 1) the stage of generating reality and 2) the stage of making perfect utilization.
    1. The stage of generating reality consists of many items to check the person taking the examination. Examples are what kind of reality you have realized in the state of the dharma, what dharma you are practicing, what concrete states have arisen, what stage of meditation you can abide in, and which stage of concentration you have attained.
    2. The stage of making perfect utilization is also verified by many items, such as utilizing what transcendental state, opening and developing what kind of wisdom, the actually realized status of the Five Vidyas, listing and mentioning the manifestations of one’s own accomplishment, self-assessment of whether one possesses the power of contemplation and illumination, the ability of transforming spiritual power into material existence, and how external utilization of spiritual power is manifested.
  2. The category of “Virtue and Character from Cultivation and Conduct” is divided into items of kind benevolence and upstanding, honesty and compassion, benefiting others and obeying the precepts, selfless devotion, mentality and conduct of bodhicitta, diligently publicizing and spreading the recorded dharma lessons, guarding the true dharma of the Tathagata, having nothing to do with strange paranormal phenomena and superstitious beliefs, and other criteria.
  3. The category of “Learning in the Sutras and Shastras” includes which sutras and shastras in the twelve divisions of the Tripitaka you have studied deeply, what degree of understanding you have attained, whether you give discourses at a dharma rostrum or by writing books, and your own opinion about the correctness of the doctrine, dharma, knowledge, and view in the discourses you gave.

If you have the status of an Arhat or are a reincarnated Bodhisattva, you can directly apply for the examination with the dharma of “Vajra Dharma Hair Selection” for passing a level of Sun-Moon wheel(s). However, cultivators who apply for the examination of “Vajra Dharma Hair Selection” should know that you are making a risky move. If what you stated in the document of application for the examination is proven to be factual by the examination to show that you are truly an Arhat or a Bodhisattva, you will be congratulated. Conversely, if what the document of application stated is not true, you will be a false holy person declared by lies. Then the examination will publicize you as an arrogant and evil ordinary person. Why? This is because the examination taker committed the act of declaring unrealized realization and unattained attainment. The yidam and the great holy one presiding over the examination do not like such an appearance and regard it as an evil act of violating the precepts and contaminating the holy site. Therefore, this person will be punished to set an example for people in the world.

Great Bodhisattva Wang Zha Rinpoche who is at the level of three Sun-Moon wheels (Golden Button Grade Three) said, “My cultivation and conduct are truly shallow and thin, and I am not in a position to give discourses. However, since I have already agreed to serve as the presiding officer and chief proctor of UIWBAH’s examination of holiness and virtue through validation by Vajra Dharma Hair Selection, I would like to inform holy and virtuous ones who take the examination, ‘Regardless of whether you are a venerable one, a great dharma king, a great rinpoche, or a great dharma master with very high fame, or a common master, if the level or grade you declared in your application document for the examination to verify is proven to be false, you will not pass the examination and will no longer have the status of greatness.’ Validation by Vajra Dharma Hair Selection or the combined result from dharma protector’s selection of the correct path and divine instruction will not have even the slightest erroneous conclusion. Great holy dharma protectors will not commit the slightest error in causality.”

“I have written two couplets and one banner for the site of examination to explain this fact. The first couplet is, ‘Each grade will show as such without any elevation; the number of ounces will be weighed exactly without one extra.’ The other couplet reads, ‘What is true is not false, moving Mount Tai like carrying a tray; what is false is not true, getting undeserved grade is more difficult than climbing to the sky.’ The banner is, ‘Correct path will match holy instruction of dropping divine pieces; verification from executing the dharma has nothing to do with personal feelings; proctoring dharma protectors bear their own responsibility of causality; this master presiding at the mandala is not responsible for that.’”

“This clearly stated that the consequence of causality is not on the chief proctor. Rather, it is shouldered by the proctoring dharma protectors. Therefore, dharma protectors know that the chief proctor has clearly stated the responsibility from causality must be taken by themselves. As a result, the proctoring dharma protectors do not want to be partial to you and face evil retributions. Thus, no personal feelings are involved.”

“Therefore, to pass the examination can be very easy, as long as you fulfill the requirements in these two aspects: 1) The document of application for the examination is filled truthfully; 2) Your realization, virtue, and learning match the grade you apply for. If the application is not truthful and one has not achieved the specified level or grade, the examination will not be passed no matter how hard you try.”

“Take the verification by ‘Vajra Dharma Hair Selection’ for example. If Sakyamuni Buddha’s portrait is used for selection and the document of application states seeking the determination of the status of Buddha, dharma hairs will definitely form a hat to manifest the Buddha’s status, since the World-Honored One is truly a Buddha. On the other hand, if a portrait of Monk Ji who is a reincarnated accomplished one is used to determine the status of Buddha, the appearance will definitely not be approved. No hat will be formed because Monk Ji is a false Buddha. The yidam will regard this act as a sinful slander to the Buddha. If Monk Ji wishes to get the approval of dharma hair forming a hat, the document of application must say he is a reincarnated accomplished one.”

“Therefore, as an examination taker, you fill out the document of application as you wish. However, you have to report truthfully based on which categories and which items you are confident in attaining or how much certainty you have. Be sure not to write any items you have not achieved. Otherwise you will be treated as a crazy one who deceives the great holy one, the yidam, and the dharma protectors proctoring the examination. In that case, not only you will fail to pass, but also you will be classified into the category of an evil one who purposely commits violations!!! Such an act shows you dare deceive dharma protectors and thus you can only be described as lacking conscience and being shameless.”

After this public announcement is published, you will see a fact. Some arrogant persons who are swindlers faking as great holy ones or who are masters who have receded their once-attained realizations will be at a loss and do not know what to do. They will use all kinds of excuses to retreat, hide, or run away, to avoid the examination and stay far away from the examination hall. Those who pose as great Bodhisattvas, great venerable ones, great dharma kings, great rinpoches, and great dharma masters and boast about themselves before their disciples will become timid mice. Why? This is because they are counterfeits who are used to making lies to deceive their disciples. As a piece of rusty iron, how dare they go into the gold-refining furnace? The examination will show what they truly are. Once they hear about the examination, they have to fabricate excuses in a hurry and try to hide for as long as they can. Unfortunately, people all know a fact. Not daring to take the examination shows one as a swindler or an ordinary person!

There is another kind of person. They have the status of holy and virtuous ones but still have ingredients of fraud in them. They can pass the examination as holy and virtuous ones but have selfishness and greed. For example, one passed the examination at the level of one Sumeru wheel (Blue Button Grade One) but does not wish people to know that he is at the level of Blue Button Grade One. So this person will not wear the dharma attire indicating the level. The purpose can only be faking to be a holy and virtuous one at an even higher level for the convenience of committing fraud.

We ask masters of holiness and virtue to understand. The rhetoric in this UIWBAH announcement may be too harsh to hear. However, we are stating the facts straightforwardly. If you are a true holy and virtuous one, there is nothing to worry about. Even if you just take the examination on one category, it shows your honest attitude and is an honorable and virtuous act. That means you can be a teacher and role model to others.

If you are a defrauding evil master or a person who overstated your status in the past, you should stop and repent sincerely. Do not continue to commit fraud. Try to be a good person who benefits others, engages in true cultivation, learns true Buddha-dharma, and leads others to listen to the recorded dharma lessons expounded by His Holiness the Buddha. If so, you can become accomplished in your current lifetime! Moreover, people will also forgive and understand you. As long as you correct yourself, you will become a good master.

United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters

April 7, 2015

Translation revised, April 18, 2016