Important Replies from Holy Virtuous Ones and Eminent Monastics

Published on February 10, 2018

Translated from Chinese as published online at:

Response from the Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters to Questions Raised by Inquirers

The “Important Replies from Holy Virtuous Ones and Eminent Monastics” is due to the fact that the World Buddhism Association Headquarters (WBAH) has already published announcements regarding inner-tantric initiations but even until now there are still people who have not read them and who did not make an earnest effort to understand the announcements even after reading. Such a situation entails that it is very difficult for those Buddhist disciples to develop and increase good fortune and wisdom and to learn great dharmas to become accomplished. Additionally, those who did not read and understand often will mistakenly enter wrong paths and even step onto evil ways. The reason is that they do not know what the correct Buddha-dharma really is. For example, in general, people all wish to receive an inner-tantric initiation but they simply do not know what inner-tantric is about. The specifics include the difference between initiation and empowerment regarding inner-tantric mandala, inner-tantric initiation, and state practice initiation, the phenomena occurring in the process, manifestation of the dharma as mandated by the dharma, and the serious distinctions between what is true and what is false. Questions include: What qualification must a master possess to be able to perform an inner-tantric initiation? What is the qualification of a master who can perform a borrowed inner-tantric initiation? Can a person who is able to fly in the sky establish an inner-tantric mandala? On the other hand, what conditions and merit must a disciple possess to be able to receive an inner-tantric initiation? How many kinds of marvelous utilization does Buddha-bestowed nectar have? There are view of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, proposition expressed by Venerable Mozhi, and so on. Because some people did not understand from reading, some more questions were raised. We at the Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters, on behalf of WBAH, went to beseech great holy virtuous ones to reply to the questions you raised and obtained absolutely correct answers.

Because the text involving the questions raised is lengthy, we will not provide a list of the questions you raised and will only give brief and precise answers to the questions raised. To facilitate your learning and understanding, only one answer will be disseminated a day. You all please receive and read every day and be sure to understand what you read. Only by doing so, can one’s view become correct. Only then can one avoid being defrauded by charlatans and evil masters and avoid stepping onto deviated paths. By doing so, one will surely and very quickly attain perfect good fortune and wisdom and become accomplished. Only through such undertaking can one receive a great initiation and learn a great dharma!!!

The first answer will be disseminated on the day of Lunar New Year. Other answers will follow and be disseminated every day. There are altogether 35 answers to be disseminated continuously during a period of 35 days. You all please pay attention to receive them!! All answers are correct answers provided by great holy virtuous ones. We at the Inquiry Center put them in writing based on the original words.


                                              Inquiry Center of the World Buddhism Association Headquarters

                                              February 10, 2018