Bulletin #41

Published on January 12, 2014

Importance of Reading Public Announcements:

 Many problems have been reported from the various types of letters that our Office received. Most of these letters had to do with the serious problems in the speech and conduct of their masters, their fellow brothers and sisters, and cultivators they knew who were falling into the 128 evil views and erroneous views. Generally speaking, a bunch of evildoers emerged in the world. They infiltrated into the ranks of Buddhists and always damage Buddhist disciples’ opportunity of acquiring wisdom. Although some of them have very sound identities and imposing appearances and hold certificates of recognition to support their credentials of reincarnation, they are entirely evildoers without any doubt. However, the disciples following them do not know their true nature.


These evildoers all have their own means of harming living beings and routines of exploiting living beings for money and sexual favors. In a word, all evil masters and swindlers have the purpose of making deceptions for wealth and sexual misconduct. What they do is never far away from cheating for money! On the contrary, the speech and conduct of true holy and virtuous ones are very clear. The greater a holy and virtuous one is, the more he or she does to take loss in the self to benefit others. They never exploit others to benefit the self.


Some of the evildoers try to indoctrinate people with evil teachings and use magician’s tricks or evil dharmas to fake as Buddha-dharma; some boast themselves as holy and virtuous ones even though they are not; some who are small holy and virtuous ones try to elevate themselves as great holy and virtuous ones; and some who possessed a little bit of holy realization use that as the basis to delude their disciples. Actually, they have already lost their realization and receded back to ordinary beings. Therefore, they do not have the holy realization to take the examination for a certificate of holiness and virtue and could not show a clear proof to cultivators. As a result, they could only make up a set of rhetoric to deceive people to tell people not to believe in the certificates of holiness and virtue. And their disciples are so idiotic as to trust them and are still in the dark to continue to be deceived.


You should all ponder over a question. If they were holy and virtuous ones, why did they only boast of themselves and why didn’t they dare to take the examination for a certificate of holiness and virtue? This is because, once taking the examination, they will immediately show the appearance of an ordinary person. Cultivators should remember to be very careful. Any reincarnated holy and virtuous one must have a certificate of holiness and virtue as the evidence. Because of the possibility of receding from holiness to return to an ordinary person, if not using a certificate of holiness and virtue for confirmation, the possibility of being fooled would be as big as ninety nine percent.


These evildoers carry out all kinds of wrongdoings. Some always tell lies to mislead people; some who do not understand sutras speak nonsense and play subtleties to scam living beings for their money and engage in sexual misconduct; some left the path of cultivation and always focus on things that have nothing to do with cultivation; some do not cultivate or practice the dharma but are always involved in worldly matters to deceive people; some who are evil sex offenders in nature deceive female disciples into practicing the dharma of yab-yum form; some edit and delete recorded dharma lessons expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III; some give discourses of evil dogmas with the label of true Buddha-dharma; and so on. Furthermore, every one of them poses as a great holy master. In addition, ordinary cultivators usually do not have good comprehension in sutras. They took advantage of this weakness and were able to carelessly make up a set of nonsense to deceive amateurs. Cultivators often mistakenly regard them as proficient in both exoteric Buddhism and esoteric Buddhism and having high and broad understanding of Buddha-dharma, without knowing that they are simply amateurs to Buddhism or have receded from holiness to ordinary persons.


When the examination on the practice of meditation was given a few months ago, these people completely revealed their fundamental nature of not knowing anything about the teaching of Buddhism, the study of Buddhism, and Buddha-dharma.


You all can wait until March this year, when the book of Expounding the Absolute Truth through the Heart Sutra is published and in circulation to the public. After you respectfully read and studied this book, you can immediately think back about the so-called theories of Buddha-dharma that these villains discoursed to you earlier. You will know that they are all amateurs who do not have the faintest idea about Buddha-dharma. If you don’t believe, just wait and see. You will find that the speeches they made to you were all evil theories filled with nonsense.


Of course, those who exploit people for money and for doing sexual misconduct are evildoers without a doubt. A simple but definitive conclusion on them is that they are evils in front of living beings, and are idiots to the teaching of Buddhism, the study of Buddhism, and Buddha-dharma! These evildoers basically all use the Fifty Stanzas of Guru Devotion and the Fourteen Fundamental Precepts of Yoga Practitioners to control their disciples.


Currently, the most serious situation and the worst sins these evildoers created and committed are that they try to cause damage to dharma-listening centers, tell people not to listen to the recorded dharma lessons, and undermine the image of holy and virtuous ones. Some even stated that certificates of holiness and virtue are useless. However, they are totally ignorant about the Tripitaka and are idiots to Buddhism one-hundred-percent. The sad fact is that many people have been deceived by them.


Another of their most vicious deed is to tell people not to read the public announcements and other publications from the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III (the Office). Unfortunately, many people are so stupid as to believe what they said as true. Actually, why didn’t they let people read the Office’s public announcements and other publications? It is because the Office’s public announcements and other publications provide a demon-revealing mirror that is just and unselfish and truly benefits living beings. Good people who read them will benefit. Evildoers will expose their true nature when they are checked using the publications from the Office. They are all terribly frightened when hearing about any publication from the Office. Their only way of protecting themselves is to prevent their disciples from hearing about and reading the Office’s public announcements and other publications. Only by doing this can they avoid being discovered by their disciples as false holy persons and true swindlers.


In the final analysis, the reason that cultivators are fooled and deceived is always attributable to the faults of not listening to the dharma seriously and not reading the Office’s public announcements and other publications. These faults also bring them sins and dark karmas that cause them to devolve.


These evildoers are truly very rampant. Such evil spirits use their superficial credentials to boldly and directly cause damage to true Buddha-dharma. They are evil demons trying to wipe out Buddhism. They belong to cunning and poisonous swindlers and are evil villains who are fiercely and madly killing living beings’ opportunities of acquiring wisdom. They are absolutely unforgivable!


H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III declared,


Today, I must clearly announce to and inform you all. Anyone who trys to keep Buddhist disciples from reading the Office’s public announcements and other publications and does damage to the recorded dharma lessons definitely belongs to one of the three types of people: people who are amateurs, swindlers, or ordinary persons who fake being   holy ones; people who receded from holiness and returned into ordinary persons due to karmic hindrance; and the so-called superior persons who infiltrated into Buddhism but are actually and absolutely evil spirits and human-formed demons.


These three types of people are certain to cause damage to the recorded dharma lessons and the public announcements and other publications from the Office. No matter what noble and great holy reincarnated one he or she may appear on the surface, cultivators must immediately leave him or her and sever all connections with him or her, and find other eminent monks and great virtuous ones to learn Buddhism from. If you do not leave and do not sever your relations with these evil ones, I will never receive you in your entire lifetime. Furthermore, I will never teach those people of karmic hindrance who do not listen to the teaching of the dharma, continue to spread the pollution of sin, collaborate with evil masters to cause troubles, and help damage living beings’ opportunity of acquiring wisdom.



From the Office of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III,

January 9, 2014