Statement No. 201201

Published on July 15, 2012

The article by Bhikshu Yinghong Shi criticized us, the International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA), for not defending the true Buddha-dharma and taking an indulgent attitude toward the situation of causing damages to Buddha-dharma by human-formed demons. IBSA must explain that Bhikshu Yinghong did not fully understand the situation and know all facts. However, we at IBSA thank Bhikshu Yinghong for his criticism. We welcome anyone to criticize us. We will, always and as we have been done in the past, follow the teaching of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and abide by the precepts defined by Sakyamuni Buddha to cultivate ourselves seriously and benefit living beings.

Now we get to the various problems about Dalai Lama mentioned in the article by Bhikshu Yinghong. Actually, we have discovered long ago that many speeches and acts of Dalai Lama were problematic. We knew that the United States of America is a country with freedom of speech. In view of the freedom of speech protected by the law, several years ago, many of us who have the qualifications of a Buddhism-teaching master already conducted systematic studies and evaluations on the views manifested in Dalai Lama’s works, writings or speeches and his statements on cultivation. We were going to publish our works into a book. However, before sending the scripts of these articles to typesetting, we submitted them to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III for reviewing. At the same time, we also reported to H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III the despicable conduct of slandering H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III by parties associated with Dalai Lama. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III told us,

“In my personal opinion, I do not agree with publishing these as public announcements. Doing so is against my vow. Although I provide guidance to Buddhist disciples associated with IBSA in their learning Buddhism and Buddha-dharma, I deeply understand that I do not the right to poke into IBSA’s affairs. Therefore, what I said can only be taken as suggestions.”

“Living beings’ impediments of afflictions and impediments due to what they perceive as known as well as their faults and mistakes caused by ignorance are inevitable. I am always a servant of living beings. I do not have any right to be particular toward living beings. I treat whatever their smearing and slandering toward me in the way of going along with karmic affinities. I want living beings to have happiness. I do not want them to be tormented or suffer. We should forgive them. I believe that, as long as they can cultivate and learn Buddhism with a sincere mind, they will eventually discover the truth from their own conscience. If we can nurture one more seed of Bodhi, we should just irrigate it with the water of great compassion. We should not apply anything that may destroy the seed. It will be wonderful to add one more share of good karma that benefits living beings.”

We were influenced by the fact that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III always forgives others for the sins of their smearing against Him. As a result, those materials did not go into publication. Of course, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III pardons living beings because He is a Buddha. The realization of a Buddha consists of only great compassion and bodhicitta. However, we will never agree with evil views and despicable acts of smearing the Buddha. This is absolutely true!!! We must defend the true Buddha-dharma and will never retreat back. That is why we sued Dalai Lama’s Tibet Religious Foundation through legal proceedings. That is also an act of defending the true Buddha-dharma.

Please understand that we are an organization of manastics and are not individuals. Otherwise, we would have already made many comments on Dalai Lama. Anyway, we once again thank you for your critique.

International Buddhism Sangha Association
July 15, 2012