Statement from Shi Zheng Da Awang Deji

Published on August 10, 2016

From: zdawdj <>
Date: 2016-08-09 9:42 GMT-07:00
Subject: Statement
To: International Buddhism Sangha Association <>

Master Bhikshuni Zhengda (Awang Deji Rinpoche)

Master Bhikshuni Zhengda (Awang Deji Rinpoche)

I ask our Association to help me forward my personal statement. This is because some people who have ulterior motives intend to disgrace my cultivation and practice in Buddha-dharma. To cause damage to the propagation of the true dharma of the Tathagata, they used the means of imposing an accusation on me and made slanderous rumors to say that I am doing business in “virtual currencies.”


Please forward this statement.


I am a monastic person. My purpose of taking the monastic order is to learn Buddhism and cultivate myself and to lead Buddhist disciples to listen to the recorded dharma discourses expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III so that they can truly become kind persons and attain accomplishment from the true dharma of the Tathagata. This is my only purpose. I do not know what “virtual currency” is. I am not interested in doing any business. If I wanted to greedily pursue worldly fame and gains, I would not have become a bhikkhuni.


Shi Zheng Da Awang Deji

August 10, 2016