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Published on July 3, 2015

(An email sent to and forwarded by the International Buddhism Sangha Association)


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Time: July 3, 2015, 6:18am (probably July 2, 2015, 6:18pm in US Eastern Time)

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Subject: Statement


Serious Statement


Some people slandered me and fabricated this as what I said: I, Wang Jian, told them that the Buddha Master does not accept offerings, but Fomu (translator’s note: “Fomu” means a female Mahasattva whose status is only next to the Buddha) accepts offerings. I already presented money to Fomu.

I never met Fomu in person. How could I have said this? Moreover, I never made any offering to Fomu. You people spoke blindly even though your eyes are open and could even make such a huge lie. If you want to harm me, at least you should find a proper excuse. Aren’t you afraid of meeting retributions by doing this? You should repent in a hurry!

Let me tell you piteous people, I never met Fomu. However, I have heard about Fomu’s situation. Fomu is a person of extremely high virtue and morality. She always benefits living beings and is never concerned about Her own interests. This fact is known by all monastics at Hua Zang Si and the International Buddhism Sangha Association in the United States. Fomu never attend any Buddhist activities and does not interface with Buddhist disciples. Fomu is a great artist. She spent almost all the money She made from creating artworks on releasing captured living beings. In addition to releasing captured living beings, all She does are good things. Fomu is a role model of nobility and kindness in people’s mind.

You put such words in my mouth to defame and slander Fomu. How naive and ridiculous are you! And how extremely sinful and evil are you! You should repent in a hurry and stop making evil karmas! Of course, I will never be bothered by you and instead will pray for you. However, I hope that you correct the evil and turn toward goodness to truly become kind and good persons!


Person making the statement: Wang Jian


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