Article from Baizhe Lamu

Published on January 5, 2018

For Benefiting the Great Masses I Ask the International Buddhism Sangha Association to Forward for Me This Article of Mine That I Am Willing to Bear Responsibility on Causality:


We Saw the Real Face of His Holiness the Buddha and Gave Our Testimonies under Oath

I am Baizhe Lamu. Many people know about me because I once went on the dais to have a dharma contest with Jianggong Kangqin Rinpoche. I lost to him. I am very humbled that my cultivation and practice are not good enough and my ability was not as good. I am a cultivator with a genuine heart and sincere intention. Today, I will write an article with the speech and conduct bearing the responsibility on causality to record the facts without any exaggeration.

In the afternoon of December 29. 2017, in the Amitabha Buddha Hall in Los Angeles of the United States of America, I had the good fortune to listen to a dharma expounded by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. There were four types of Buddhists of monastics and laypersons present. All found their place to sit on the floor, waiting for listening to the dharma. After prostrating to pay homage, all presented their offerings. My son Jiahua presented all his savings. As always, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III did not accept any of the offerings and began to expound the dharma for free. I always see that the Buddha Master’s is ruddy and glowing, revealing abundant energy and spirit. Common people are a sky away from that. However, I thought about that recently many demonic persons made up rumors to slander H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. I felt very bad when thinking about such malicious and inferior deeds. At this time, I respectfully beseeched His Holiness the Buddha to expound the dharma, “Why such perfectly solemn and majestic appearance of you Buddha Master is even slandered by rumors made by demonic persons? They say that the Buddha Master’s face is originally black and full of dark qi of impediment and your pink-colored young complexion is purposely created by cosmetics with rouge and powder as a disguise of energy and spirit to fake the complexion and color of a holy one to deceive living beings. Hearing such slandering words with malicious intention, I feel extremely bad, as if my heart was being cut by a knife!”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III compassionately pitied living beings very much and said, “When Sakyamuni Buddha was about to enter nirvana, the Mara King asked the Buddha for instruction, saying, ‘Buddha, do you agree that my demonic descendants can come and learn your teachings and dharma after you leave?’ The Buddha immediately agreed to the Mara King’s request. The Mara King said, ‘Now that is good. I will dispatch my demonic descendants to enter your Buddhism, to explain your teachings with distortion, damage your teachings and dharma, and to fulfill my purpose that cannot be achieved by force.’ After that, the Mara King left while laughing loudly.”

H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said next, “It is correct that my facial color is truly covered. Since some people are so pitiful to the extent of make such karma and today there happen to be such people among you here, I will let you all see the real face behind the veil, to see how dark and black it is. The purpose is so, that after seeing this, some of you can avoid retribution of karmic sins that would cause you to devolve into one of the three lower realms.”

The Buddha Master took out the Ritual of Practicing the Dharma of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and told a layperson nearby to read to the crowd a paragraph therein. The text says, “Visualize that in the high, empty sky above one’s head there are eight lions stepping on auspicious clouds. A widely broad treasure throne is carried on their backs. There are lotus flowers of different colors on the throne. Above the flowers there is a moon laid flat on a wheel. At the center of the flowers, there is a five-colored character Hong, emitting five-colored light. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III instantly appears. His face is like red coral and His body is like ivory-jade. The Buddha radiates red light and turns into the Great Vajradhara Buddha, with one head and two arms.”

At that time, I thought that His Holiness the Buddha would manifest supernatural power and the change would occur instantly, but the actual outcome was totally different. Rather, H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III told dharma masters to fetch clean and pure water in a big pail on the spot. Next, the towel to be used was rinsed clean in a basin. Then, before the eyes of the numerous disciples present, His Holiness the Buddha started to use the towel to wipe and wash His face, hands, and arms. After wiping and washing repeatedly for several times and what had covered His face was washed clean, the intrinsic flesh color appeared. After the face was completely washed clean, the crowd present were astounded. Some started to weep due to excitement. There could even be such solemn and extremely ruddy and beautiful facial complexion! That was brighter and more red and beautiful than a rare red coral!

Some people suspected that this red color was overly red and bright and perhaps a base color of red had been applied. However, quite unexpectedly, His Holiness the Buddha began to use a wet white paper towel to wipe His cheeks, to let people see if any red color was touched onto the paper towel. After wiping, the wet paper towel was thrown to the crowd. Everyone took a look and did not see any red color on it. The paper towel was still completely white without anything else. My younger sister Xiuhong saw that the cheeks of His Holiness the Buddha were like two red-colored suns, emitting brilliant light rays. She almost could not keep her eyes open.

Furthermore, I also saw the thin, white facial light that represents one of the thirty-two major elegant marks of a Buddha, waving up and down on the face of His Holiness the Buddha. There was only one strand of very thin white hair a little over two inches long at the beginning. Suddenly, this one strand of white hair transformed into a big bunch of white hair between the two eyebrows, which then dispersed and turned into countless strands in a radiating form emitting light to empower the crowd. Then, it changed all of a sudden into a lotus flower in a spiraling form, trembling and emitting light from the spot between the two eyebrows. After that, all strands suddenly disappeared without even one left. This truly cannot be understood using our human thinking and is really so miraculous. Assuming it was there, why did that one strand turned into countless strands and then all these countless strands suddenly disappear without leaving a trace, with all such changes occurring before open eyes?

The scene and its location seen by each person were all different. At the same site and same time, some were able to see, but some could not see even one strand. The thin, white light had the characteristic of transforming miraculously. For example, Xiangge Qiongwa Rinpoche saw the thin, white facial light that represents one of the thirty-two major elegant marks of a Buddha in the form of a circular ball with the diameter of about one centimeter formed by extremely thin white strands, which was rotating and emitting light at the spot between the two eyebrows. Layperson Zhou Wei from Beijing saw thin, white facial light manifesting from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III between His eyebrows, in the form of an outwardly radiating shape formed by finely thin white needles, resembling the Sun radiating white light. However, Dharma Master Zheng Xiang said that while others saw the thin, white facial light that represents one of the thirty-two major elegant marks of a Buddha from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, she did not and was very anxious and sad. Then, within a few seconds, she saw it very clearly at the spot between the eyebrows of the Buddha Master, with many curled thin, white strands emitting light. Dharma Master Miao Guan saw the light from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was in the shape of a lotus flower with a thousand leaves, which was miraculously expanding and shrinking to change the size. When she walked to a side, it changed into an outwardly radiating shape of straight lines, with the radiating range altering between far and near. Dharma Master Shi Zhi Kai saw that many thin, white strands suddenly grew out of the flesh between the Buddha Master’s eyebrows and were waving and dancing like a white lotus. Tang Liqiong saw more than ten thin, white strands of different lengths at a spot a little higher than the spot between the Buddha Master’s eyebrows. The thin, white strands could move and were surrounded by a flame-like shape that emitted light for a long time. Dharma Master Ruo Ke saw a beam of white rays suddenly appeared between the eyebrows of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. It started to be very short, but kept growing as seen by her eyes. Separately, several people saw white rays at the same time between the eyebrows of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. The white rays suddenly entered the flesh and eventually not even one could be seen. Only at this time, did it dawn on everyone that whether the thirty-two major elegant marks of a Buddha are seen or not depended on the depths of living beings’ karmic conditions, good roots, and reward of good fortune.

Some people even saw that the location of the thin, white facial light elevated by about one inch from the spot between the eyebrows in an hour. When the thin, white rays appeared, light was emitted to empower everyone. All felt delightful in the body and the mind, soaking in the midst of extremely blissful dharma joy. The appearance of the thin, white facial light that represents one of the thirty-two major elegant marks of a Buddha from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is a fortunate karmic condition. We waited a long time to see the Buddha’s real face. Other than uttering praises out of astonishment, what else could we say? Such real appearance of a Buddha with the thirty-two major elegant marks was never seen by people through the so many years.

The face of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is not a matter of having black qi or not. Rather, the extraordinarily and non-worldly beautiful color is covered up. If not due to the Buddha Master’s great loving compassion with the intention of causing demonic persons to create less sinful karma, we would not have had the opportunity to see the Buddha Master’s real face of a Buddha. As a result, supreme empowerment was bestowed on us. We are unable to express the excitement in our heart. We can only gratefully thank all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the ten directions for the compassion and pity on us that enabled us to have the magnificent karmic affinity to listen to the true dharma.

As a Buddhist disciple, I vow that I must take advantage of His Holiness the Buddha’s presence in the world to attain great accomplishment, end the cycle of birth and death, and take up the task assigned by the Tathagata. The manifestation of a Buddha’s real face by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III was witnessed by such a large crowd, with mounting irrefutable evidences from the signatures given by them. The persons who slander the Three Jewels to mislead cultivators are definitely the descendants of the Mara King. It is the most pitiful that I have no way to stop them from entering the gate of the hell realm. I feel very sad that I am unable to save them. How could they have the qualification to see the Buddha’s real appearance! If not for the fact that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III made a vow of not hurting them out of the Buddha’s fundamental enlightenment of great compassion, those people must have already met retribution in their current lifetime.

What I wrote in the above is completely true facts without anything untrue. If I fabricated any false words, I would painfully and miserably fall into the hell realm without any chance to get out. If what I said now is true, I will attain perfect good fortune and wisdom and end the cycle of birth and death.


Buddhist Disciple: Baizhe Lamu

The following are signatures given in person for testimony by those who saw in their own eyes that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III manifested His extremely solemn and majestic real face of a Buddha in a red-coral color and those who saw with their own eyes the thin, white facial light that represents one of the thirty-two major elegant marks possessed by a Buddha.


Langbo Teamang, Xiangge Qiongwa, Long Zhou, Ga Du, Renqin Quezhan, Shi Long Hui, Qujie Yundan, Hong Tiesheng, Shi Miao Yan, Shang Ye, Gao Lihua, Shi Zheng Jing, Shi Zheng Cheng, Shi Yang Zong, Pei Lin, Li Lizhu, Kangbu Meiduo, Beizhe Lamu, Zhen Zhu, Chen Manli, Hui Zhu, Ci Deji, Shi Zheng Xue, Shi Liao Zheng, Shi Zheng Yin, Shi Ruo Ke, Shi Liao Hui, Yongdeng Gongbu, Kuan, Shi Jue Hui, Gelong Luozhu, Shi Zhiguang, Shi Zhikai, Yexi Luoga, Zheren Awang, Luosang Nima, Shi Hui Shan, Dun Zhu, Liao Shan, Ran Hu, Yu Xiaojian, Yuan Jinfeng, Dai Ruihua, Shen Huijun, Wang Shuifang, Tang Liqiong, Li Xiaoxia, Lou Xiuhong, Yu Qiulan, Zhu Xingqing, Langka Yata, Shi Miao Guan, Shi Zheng Xiang, Shi Zheng Rui, Zhang Jiguang, Ren Xue, Yan Lijie, Li Qiaoyun, Shen Jianchu, Zhou Wei, Tan Lin, Kion Yap, Fa Hui, Xue Feng, Wu Wenjian, Shi Fa You, Shi Zheng Xin, Shi Zheng Jie, Shi Zheng Hang, Shi Zheng Ding, Shi Zheng NIan, Shi Zheng Qin, Shi Zheng Xin, Lou Jiahua, Mu Yueqing, Xian Xiaoling, Lou Bohan, Lou Guihua, Joanna Zheng