A Fast-Flying Buddhist Nun

Published on September 1, 2013

(Reported from Los Angeles) In September 2013, an event of supernatural phenomenon occurred in Los Angeles. Scientists have not been able to explain it. This was about a 49-year old Buddhist nun named Jian Hui flying at a speed of 700 km per hour.


This event happened at a Buddhist assembly for beseeching auspiciousness, favorable weather, eliminating disasters, and increasing good fortune. The more than 50 attendees are all famous Buddhist figures. At the time, the ceremonial process required chanting a sutra and burning a letter of petition every 10 minutes. When the fifth letter of petition was to be burned, it was discovered that this letter of petition had been lost by this nun named Jian Hui. She was very sad and could not keep her from crying. Because the assembly could not be stopped and the steps of chanting sutras and burning letters of petition must be followed in the predefined order, it was decided that Jian Hui was to go to Hua Zang Si’s Southern-California satellite monastery located in Monterey Park to get this letter of petition. Some time had passed since Jian Hui left. People became very anxious and they called the satellite monastery to ask when the letter of petition can be brought back. The nuns at that monastery passed the phone to Jian Hui. Jian Hui was quite angry on the phone and said, “Don’t make a fuss! I will be back as soon as possible!” Sure enough, within three minutes after putting down the phone, Jian Hui returned to the site of the ceremony from the monastery that is 12 kilometers away. People at the site were all stunned. A nun at the site named Zheng Hui was very surprised and called the monastery to inquire the whereabouts of Jian Hui. The reply from the monastery was that Jian Hui left just three minutes ago. Further verification later also revealed that, after the phone conversation, Jian Hui also spent time to teach people chanting mantras before leaving for the site of the assembly. Based on the calculation that subtracted the time of delay, Jian Hui traveled this distance of 12 kilometers withiin at most one minute.


Zheng Hui planned to write this event in a book. To verify the facts, she went to the monastery to talk to the nuns there. They all confirmed, “When you called and said that she had returned to your place, it was just a very short while after she had left.” Zheng Hui then asked Zheng Xue, the nun who handed the phone to Jian Hui, where she was at the time. Zheng Xue took this question as distrusting her and was very upset. She kneeled down in front of the statue of Amitabha Buddha and took an oath against heavy consequences to swear that she received the phone call at the monastery and handed the phone to Jian Hui in person inside the Buddha hall of the monastery. If she told a lie, she is willing to descend into the hell realm. Zheng Hui also took an oath against heavy consequences to swear that, within three minutes after her phone conversation with Jian Hui, Jian Hui returned to the site of the assembly. She is also willing to descend into the hell realm if what she said is untrue. Moreover, eminent Buddhist monks including Gar Tongstan IV Ciren Gyatso, Kaichu, Akou Lamo, Shi Miao Kong, Shi Long Hui, Shi Jue Hui, Shi Kui Zhi and others also completely confirmed from their respective personal presences and witnesses at the two locations that the above event was completely true.


On the other hand, Shi Jian Hui stated that she did bring the letter of petition from the monastery to the site of the assembly. However, she does not have the ability of flying. All were just people’s illusions.


Recently, this reporter asked H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III about this. H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III said, “I am quite ashamed. I do not have such miraculous and special abilities. Shi Jian Hui is a disciple of mine for 12 years. How could she have such abilities? If one truly has such abilities but demonstrates them carelessly, the consequence would be death or at least a severe illness. You should all be clear about one point. This is not what a Buddhist should do. What a Buddhist should do is removing selfishness and the attachment to the self and benefiting living beings.”


Actually, Jian Hui had a very severe illness on the third day after the Buddhist assembly. Her head and face swelled badly. Purulence discharged from her eyes and nose. She had to be taken to the emergency room of a hospital for treatment. During the surgery of extracting purulence out, she went into a state of comma and almost died.


The attendees of this Buddhist assembly think that this event publicly and factually revealed a supernatural phenomenon. However, how to describe it in science is a topic of further investigation. In 1995, a holy person of Hinduism tried to penetrate himself through a steel-enforced cement wall but ended up having his body stuck in the wall. That was also a publicly seen fact that has not been explained conclusively.

(Translated from a news report in Chinese published in Yahoo! Kimo (Yahoo! Taiwan) News Network on October 15, 2013, with web-link at http://tw.news.yahoo.com/%E9%AB%98%E9%80%9F%E9%A3%9B%E8%A1%8C%E7%9A%84%E5%B0%BC%E5%A7%91-165701047.html)