Announcement No. 20150105

Published on September 25, 2015

At Gianguan Auction House’s Fall-Season International Auction held in New York on September 12, 2015, a small (water-)ink painting by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III(with an area of six square feet) was sold at an astronomically high price of US$10,200,000, which also created a world record of US$1,700,000 per square feet in the auction price of (water-)ink paintings. This significant and great news was reported in time by many news media. For instance, after China.Com’s report, Chinanews.Com, Xinhuanet.Com, People.Com, and others immediately followed to publish the news. According to incomplete statistics, several dozens of newspapers and nearly 300 websites reported this news that a water-ink painting by H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, a Buddha currently living in the world, created such a historically high price.

For your convenience of getting the news reports, we included a few newspaper articles and news reports in the following. Also, because many web pages are not designed for printing, some web-links of related news reports are listed in an attachment. You can click the links to read the individual reports,


                                                            International Buddhism Sangha Association

                                                            September 25, 2015


Attachments (included in the original announcement): News reports published in, Hong Kong Commerce Daily, Asian Journal (in English), ETtoday, Jingsc.Com, China Art Net, Liberty Times Net, 21CN Finance, Wen Wei Po (Hong Kong), and Dcube.Com.Cn.

List of websites and web-links with more related news reports:

網 站 (Website) 鏈 接 (Web Link)
中國網 (China.Com)
人民網 (People.Com)
中國新聞網 (Chinanews.Com)
新華網 (Xinhuanet.Com)
文匯報 (Wen Wei Po)
東森新聞雲 (ETtoday)
自由時報 (Liberty Times)
大公報 (Ta Kung Pao)
中国网 (China.Com)
浙江热线 (Zhejiang Hotline)
浙江在线 (Zhejiang Online)
浙江都市网 (Zhejiang Metropolitan Net)
石家庄信息港 (Shijiazhuang Information Harbor)
石家庄热线 (Shijiazhuang Hotline)
广州在线 (Guangzhou Online)
中国企业网 (China Enterprise Net)
福建之窗 (Fujian‘s Window)
天津在线 (Tianjin Online)
四川在线 (Sichuan Online)
千华网 (Qianhua Net)
三亚网 (Sanya on Internet)
新民网 (Xinmin Net)
百灵网 (Bailing Net)
青海新闻网 (Qinghai News Net)
中华网财经 (China.Com, Finance)
中国日报网 (China Daily Online)
深圳之窗 (Shenzhen‘s Window)
深圳在线 (Shenzhen Online)
深圳信息港 (Shenzhen Information Harbor)
深圳都市网 (Shenzhen Metropolitan Net)
泉州网 (Quanzhou on Internet)
聊城新闻网 (Liaocheng News Net)
汉网 (Han Net)
中国新闻网 (Chinanews.Com)
网易网 (163.Com)
新浪网 (Sina.Com)
大洋网 (Dayang Net)
长江网 (Changjiang Net)
宣城新闻网 (Xuancheng News Net)
苏州新闻网 (Suzhu News Net)
青岛新闻网 (Qingdao News Net)
中华网山西 (China.Com, Shanxi)
龙虎网 (Longhu Net)
凤凰安徽 (Ifeng Anhui)
海南都市网 (Hainan Metropolitan Net)
巴中网 (Bazhong on Internet)
重庆热线 (Chongqing Hotline)
搜狐网 (Sohu.Com)
中国广播网 (China National Radio Online)
水母网 (Shuimu Net)
浏阳网 (Liuyang on Internet)
张家界在线 (Zhangjiajie Online)
海南网 (Hainan on Internet)
海口视窗 (Window of Haikou)
北青网 (Northern Youth Net)
中国江苏网 (China Jiangsu Net)
上海热线 (Shanghai Hotline)
河南网 (Henan on Internet)
白鹿网 (Beilu on Internet)
中国青年网山西 (China Youth Net, Shanxi)
企业家在线 (Entrepreneur Online)
中国商业网 (China Commerce Net)
中华网考试 (China.Com, Examination)
中华丹青网(China Painting Website)
中国文物网 (China Antique Website)
中国书画艺术网 (China Painting and Calligraphy Arts Website)
中国书法篆刻网(China Calligraphy and Stone-Seal Website)
中国收藏网 (China Collectors’ Website)
博宝艺术网 (Treasure-Fair Art Net)
鲁中书画艺术网 (Luzhong Painting and Calligraphy Arts Website)
新浪收藏 (Sina Collectors)
书画村 (Village of Calligraphy and Painting)
博华艺术网 (All-Splendor Art Net)
中华艺术网 (China Art Net)
华腾艺术网 (Huateng Art Net)
中国艺术品理财网 (China Artwork Mney Management Online)
艺新网 (Yixing Net)
中國新闻采编网 (China News Editorial Net)
中国商报网 (China Commerce Daily Online)
南方网教育 (South Online, Education)
海南热线 (Hainan Hotline)
四川热线 (Sichuan Hotline)
上海在线 (Shanghai Online)
黑龙江热线 (Hailongjiang Hotline)
辽宁在线 (Liaoning Online)
福建在线 (Fujian Online)
天津热线 (Tianjin Hotline)
商界在线 (Business World Online)
中财网 (China Wealth Net)
北京热线 (Beijing Hotline)
深圳热线 (Shenzhen Hotline)
证券之星生活 (Stock Star, Life)
湖北在线 (Hubei Online)
云南在线 (Yunnan Online)
湖南热线 (Hunan Hotline)
北京新闻网 (Beijing News Net)
山东在线 (Shandong Online)
中国视点网 (China Viewpoint Net)
江西新闻网 (Jiangxi News Net)
广西在线 (Guangxi Online)
安徽在线 (Anhui Online)
苏州视窗 (Window of Suzhou)
南京网 (Nanjing on Internet)
滨州信息网 (Bingzhou Information Net)
菏泽信息港 (Heze Information Harbor)
日照在线 (Rizhao Online)
德州之窗 (Dezhou‘s Window)
潍坊热线 (Weifang Hotline)
烟台网 (Yantai on Internet)
济南在线 (Jinan Online)
泰州热线 (Taizhou Hotline)
淮安在线 (Huaian Online)
镇江之音 (Voice of Zhanjiang)
扬州信息港 (Yangzhou Information Harbor)
南通热线 (Nantong Hotline)
常州视窗 (Window of Changzhou)
无锡信息网 (Wuxi Information Net)
合肥之窗 (Hefei‘s Window)
宁波在线 (Ningbo Online)
嘉兴在线 (Jiaxing Online)
宁波之窗 (Ningbo‘s Window)
杭州网 (Hangzhou on Internet)
扬子晚报 (Yangtse Evening Daily)
重庆之窗 (Chongqing‘s Window)
青海热线 (Qinghai Hotline)
山西新闻网 (Shanxi News Net)
华夏收藏网 (Huaxia Collectors’ Website)
东北新闻网 ( Northeast News Net)
盛世收藏网 (Prosperous-Time Collectors’ Website)
齐鲁收藏网 (Qilu Collectors’ Website)
齐鲁书画网 (Qilu Calligraphy and Painting Website)
重庆新闻网 (Chongqing News Net)
中南之窗 (Central-South China‘s Window)
中国财经网 (China’s Finance Net)
浙江信息港 (Zhejiang Information Harbor)
云南新闻网 (Yunnan News Net)
武汉热线 (Wuhan Hotline)
山西热线 (Shanxi Hotline)
山东视窗网 (Window of Shandong Online)
前沿焦点 (Focus Upfront)
南方信息港 (South Information Harbor)
魅力华东网 (Eastern China Glamour Net)
华夏财经 (Huaxia Finance)
科技之窗 (Science and Technology Window)
开封在线 (Kaifeng Online)
中华财经网 (China Finance Net)
财经中国 (Finance China)
江苏都市网 (Jiangsu Metropolitan Net)
中华企业网 (China Enterprise Net)
健康播报网 (Health Broadcast Online)
湖北都市 (Hubei Metropolitan Cities)
河北视窗网 (Window of Hebei Online)
甘肃视窗网 (Window of Gansu Online)
第一经济 (Economy First)
大浙网 (Great Zhejiang Net)
大申网 (Great Shanghai Net)
大河网 (Great River Net)
大川网 (Great Sichuan Net)
北方都市 (Northern Metropolitan Cities)
百姓资讯网 (Citizen’s Info Net)
安徽都市 (Anhui Metropolitan Cities)
经济网 (Economy Online)
中國網 (China.Com)
搜狐 (Sohu.Com)
千龙网 (Qianlong Net)
东方财富网 (Eastern Wealth Net),20150922386023463963.html
新快网 (New Express Report Net)
中华网财经 (China.Com, Finance)
中国财经时报网 (China Business Times on Internet)
中青网 (China Youth Net)
新浪吉林 (Sina.Com, Jilin)
网易重庆(163.Com, Chongqing)
新华网广西 (Xinhuanet.Com, Guangxi)
长株潭生活在线 (Life in Chang-Zhu-Tan Online)
呼和浩特网 (Huhehaote on Internet)
上海在线 (Shanghai Online)
天津在线 (Tianjin Online)
武汉网 (Wuhan on Internet)
郑州网 (Zhenzhou on Internet)
杭州之窗 (Hangzhou‘s Window)
南京网 (Nanjing on Internet)
成都在线 (Chengdu Online)
兰州在线 (Lanzhou Online)
温州之窗 (Wenzhou‘s Window)
南昌在线 (Nanchang Online)
福州之窗 (Fuzhou‘s Window)
珠海网 (Zhuhai on Internet)
重庆网 (Chongqing on Internet)
宁波之窗 (Ningbo‘s Window)
佛山之窗 (Foshan‘s Window)
昆明在线 (Kunming Online)
南宁在线 (Nanning Online)
贵阳网 (Guiyang on Internet)
沈阳在线 (Shenyang Online)
济南在线 (Jinan Online)
西安在线 (Xian Online)
健康在线 (Health Online)
哈尔滨在线 (Haerbing Online)
石家庄网 (Shijiazhuang on Internet)
教育家 (Educator)
娱乐在线 (Entertainment Online)
资本家 (Capitalist)
爱美时尚 (Trend of Beauty)
株洲在线 (Zhuzhou Online)
湘潭在线 (Xiangtan Online)
苏州在线 (Suzhou Online)
020在线(广州新闻网)(020 Online, Guangzhou News)
0769新闻网(东莞在线)(Dongwan Online)
深圳之窗 (Shenzhen‘s Window)
中山新闻网 (Zhongshan News Net)
中山在线 (Zhongshan Online)
八卦之家 (Home of Bagua)
厦门新闻网 (Xiamen News Net)
青岛新闻网 (Qingdao News Net)
中国文化艺术网 (China Culture and Art Net)
新民网 (Xinmin Net)
网易河北 (163.Com, Hebei)
东北新闻网 (Northeast News Net)
中原财经网 (Central Region Finance Net)
新浪 (Sina.Com)
华夏网 (Huaxia Net)
新华社新华网 (Xinhua News Agency Online)
中国新闻社中新网 (China News Agency Online)
中南海内参网 (Zhongnanhai Internal Reference Online)
中南海内参网 (Zhongnanhai Internal Reference Online)
中南海内参网 (Zhongnanhai Internal Reference Online)
品牌万里行网 (Brand Name Everywhere Web)
品牌万里行网 (Brand Name Everywhere Web)
品牌万里行网 (Brand Name Everywhere Web)
中央人民广播电台央广网 (China National Radio Online)
国务院新闻办中国网 (Website of State Council’s News Office)
广州日报大洋网 (Guangzhou Daily’s Dayoo Website)
新快报新快网 (News Express Report Online)
凤凰卫视凤凰媒体新闻 (Ifeng TV Media News)
人民日报海外版 (People’s Daily, Oversea Edition)
人民日报人民网 (People’s Daily, Online Edition)
21CN财经网 (21CN Finance)
中国国际广播电台中华网 (China Radio International Website)
商务部中国商报中国商网 (China Business Daily Website)
消费日报网中国消费网 (Consumer Daily Online)
中国新闻资讯网 (China News Info Net)
中国传媒联盟网 (China Media Alliance Net)
中国视窗网 (Window of China Online)
北京信息网 (Beijing Information Net)
广东青年网 (Guangdong Youth Net)
北京经济网 (Beijing’s Economy Net)
今日资讯网 (Today’s News Net)
中国社会新闻社 (China Society News Agency)
华夏传媒网 (Huaxia Media Net)
中国晚报网 (China Evening Newspapers Online)
资讯中国网 (China Info-News Net)
中华视窗 (Window of )网
北京都市网 (Beijing Metropolitan Net)
华南在线 (South China Online)
华南之声 (Voice of South China)
上海之声 (Voice of Shanghai)
上海视窗 (Window of Shanghai)
消费周刊 (Consumer Weekly)
北京之窗 (Beijing‘s Window)
北京视窗 (Window of Beijing)
广东在线 (Guangdong Online)
华人晨报 (Chinese People’s Morning News)
中国时报 (China Times)
广州聚焦 (Guangzhou’s Focus)
深圳之声 (Voice of Shenzhen)
广州热线 (Guangzhou Hotline)
朝闻天下 (Morning News Everywhere)
北京新闻网 (Beijing News Net)
头条新闻网 (Headline News Net)
广东品牌网 (Guangdong Brand Name Met)
焦点新闻网 (Focus News Net)
北京热线010 (Beijing Hotline 010)
首都信息热线 (Capital Information Hotline)
中国新闻在线 (China News Online)
中国新闻热线 ((China News Hotline)
中国精彩新闻 (China Exciting News)
中国新闻采编网 (China News Editorial Net)
中国企业新闻网 (China Enterprise News Net)
中国焦点新闻网 (China Focus News Net)