Announcement No. 20120205

Published on April 15, 2012

Concerning Mr. Weizhen Li

All rinpoches, acaryas, and masters of dharma-listening centers,


The International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) has received many communications that reported the fact that Mr. Weizhen Li (formerly having the dharma name of Renqing Dele) had often spread over the internet untrue statements with wildly arrogant rhetoric that had caused confusion to people’s views and understanding. Even after IBSA’s serious teaching and guidance, although he admitted his mistakes in writing via e-mail, he did not put his words into action. He was still publishing untrue speeches as before that misled living beings. His actions belong to serious offenses to the precepts. That means he has lost the status he once had due to contamination.

Mr. Weizhen Li did submit an application to IBSA for taking the exam of holiness and virtue proctored by seven masters and ten witnesses. However, because there often exist instances of claiming realization without possessing realization, claiming accomplishment without actually attaining accomplishment, and substituting truth with lie and mundane persons who self-claim as holy ones on front of people in the world to attract and bewitch followers, IBSA’s stipulation requires that anyone who applies for taking the exam of seven masters and ten witnesses must first take the exam of proving the qualification. After IBSA informed Mr. by letter to ask him to provide the information for proving his qualification, no information proving his possession of basic holy realization was submitted. According to the rules, without submitting the accompanying information as proof, an applicant can only receive a score of zero for the exam of proving the qualification. Therefore, we do not have the basic information of holy realization to present to the United International Buddhism Headquarters.

Starting from today, any speech or act by Mr. Weizhen Li is not related to IBSA.

May this announcement be known to all!

International Buddhism Sangha Association
April 15, 2012