Announcement No. 20120207

Published on May 8, 2012

We hereby inform all temples, associations, societies, foundations, dharma-listening sessions and all organizations associated with the International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) as well as all Buddhist disciples of the seven types around the world:
Today, the office of IBSA received the “Notice of the May 11 Activity (Press Conference)” forwarded from Mr. Zhang Jinshui in Taiwan. IBSA did not know about this matter! However, we must reiterate that anyone, whether being a member of an organization anywhere in the world led by a master of dharma-listening sessions or a rinpoche associated with IBSA or not, has a self-governing right to hold a press conference. However, that activity must be in a format which abides by the law of the local country or region. Please also note that IBSA does not agree with any untrue or unethical speeches or definitions, regardless of whom or which organization they aim at.
We saw that the invitation letter of this activity mentioned the issue of whether Dalai Lama’s Tibet Religious Foundation in Taiwan was doing “propagation” or “deception.” IBSA thinks that such statement is improper. It was true that Dalai Lama’s Tibet Religious Foundation was spreading lies using the words of “the deceptive methods used by the group of reincarnated Wan Ko Yee.” They disregarded facts and lost the morality of a Buddhist disciple to smear and slander groups following H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. However, IBSA’s organizations and members around the world are learning Buddhism and cultivating. Each of us is a cultivator nurturing morality and a Buddhist disciple. Although Dalai Lama’s Tibet Religious Foundation is slandering groups following H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, we still cannot label them with a non-definitive name of “deception.” Please note, such non-definitive language does not represent IBSA’s moral principle and conduct. Any conclusion of deception or not or who is deceiving has to be based on the court’s judgment after investigating the facts.
Please also do not have the misunderstanding that Master Wan Ko Yee was ever sued in Shenzhen or Hong Kong. That is not true. It was a persecution fabricated by the Public Security Bureau of Shenzhen. Throughout His current lifetime, including the times of living in Shenzhen and Hong Kong as well as currently residing in the USA, Master Wan Ko Yee was never sued by any individual or entity. Not even once! However, some students of Master Wan Ko Yee were sued, such as people like Huang Xiaoshui.
This announcement is hereby made publicly to all.

International Buddhism Sangha Association
May 8, 2012