Announcement No. 201106

Published on December 8, 2011

A Holy Virtuous One Who Has Been Totally Remolded

The International Buddhism Sangha Association (the Association) abides by the principles of the complete Buddha-dharma from H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and Sakyamuni Buddha. We do not differentiate based on sects or factions and do not have any parochial prejudice. Regardless of whether one belongs to Hinayana, Mahayana, Exoteric Buddhism or Esoteric Buddhism, all practitioners who cultivate according to the dharma and possess true realization from concrete practice of genuine Buddha-dharma are worthy of being our role models. The Association will publicize them all. Doing so is entirely for benefiting living beings. The examples we have publicized include those who possess true realization power of tummo concentration, who attained accomplishment through practicing meditation, who accomplished the realization of enlightening the mind and seeing one’s own nature, who ascended to reincarnate in the Pure Land by practicing a special dharma of reciting the Buddha’s name, as well as practitioners who attained various types of crown-opening accomplishments and upheld correct knowledge and views.

The news report about Dharma King Palden Lodoe’s accomplishment of crown opening from practicing Vajra Body Substitution Meditation that we forward to you today is a manifestation of holy realization of true Buddha-dharma. All our rinpoches, dharma masters, acaryas, masters of dharma-listening sessions and practitioners should not only just read this news article themselves. Moreover, we hope you all can forward or print it out to distribute to people as widely as possible. We should tell people in the world about this true and concrete accomplishment of Buddha-dharma. You should all understand that doing so is not for the interest of any individual. Rather, it is for publicizing and propagating the true dharma of Tathagata.

Based on what the Association knew, some cultivators once had differing opinions about Dharma King Palden Lodoe’s past practice and conduct in his history of cultivation. Those who had such views include some dharma masters of the Association. However, the Association acts according to and upholds correct views. We do not follow individuals’ personal wishes. We will not forget that the four principles of reliance that the Buddha taught us include the one of “relying on the dharma, not people.” The state of Dharma King Palden Lodoe’s accomplishment has been truly put forth before us. He passed the examination by seven masters and ten witnesses according to the stipulation of the dharma. Holy states even manifested in the empty sky. How could we, as ordinary cultivators, not obey the holy dharma? As to the question of whether he would lose his accomplishment that some people raised, that belongs to matters to be verified in annual examinations to be held in the future. If anyone continues to stick with those arguments of rights and wrongs, that person is not heeding the teaching and warning by the Buddha and has prejudice, attachment and evil views without a doubt.

Therefore, in order to let more people know about the greatness of Buddha-dharma and let people understand that learning Buddhism is not pursuing hollow theories, all you cultivators should tell people that, in addition to studying theories, it is more important to attain the accomplished state of reality. Without such a state of reality, all are just illusionary and untrue hollow theories. Thus, one will definitely fall into conventional study of Buddhism and worldly Buddha-dharma. Cultivating along such a path, there is no accomplishment to talk about. Attaining liberation will be even more remotely implausible. If everything is in those hollow terms and concepts, the cultivation is not even at the level of heretics. Eventually one will not obtain perfect good fortune and wisdom and will not be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Every Buddhist disciple should broadly publicize this true dharma of Tathagata. Doing so will accumulate boundless merit and is truly engaging in the deeds of propagating Buddhism. As a result, one would have planted the seed of causation for his own enlightenment. With the arising and maturing of the causation, one will be certain to have the opportunities that holy virtuous ones had to learn true holy dharmas and great dharmas.

International Buddhism Sangha Association
December 8, 2011 


Attachment (a news report published in Taiwan’s Independent Evening Daily, December 6, 2011):

A Holy Virtuous One Who Has Been Totally Remolded

(Reported from Taipei by Reporter Li Guixin) The news that has been passed on about Hsi Jao Ken Teng’s accomplishment of crown opening was dismissed by many eminent monks and great virtuous ones as nonsense. Some even declared him as a swindler. As a result, Hsi Jao Ken Teng requested taking an examination for verification. However, the United International Buddhism Headquarters treated that matter with great suspicion and thought he was deceiving. How could he have transformed from an ordinary person to a holy one?

When Hsi Jao Ken Teng formally submitted his application through the International Buddhism Sangha Association, the United International Buddhism Headquarters formed a proctoring group of seven masters and ten witnesses to conduct a very tight check and verification on his crown opening and having spiritual consciousness exiting the body. At the time of this examination, Dharma King Gar Tongstan made the announcement with a tone of disbelief, “We welcome very much Hsi Jao Ken Teng to take the examination of having his spiritual consciousness exiting the body by practicing Vajra Body Substitution Meditation. We seven masters and ten witnesses should watch him closely to find out whether he truly had his crown opened and whether his spiritual consciousness can exit the body. We will see whether he is boasting himself or is a piece of genuine gold that can be tested in a furnace.”

At the time of Hsi Jao Ken Teng’s entering into meditation, some people even commented repeatedly in attacking tones that he did not seem to have enough realization power, he couldn’t penetrate through the wall, and he was not in good concentration. These comments were all words of hatred and impoliteness. Who would be able to endure such ruthless and insulting attacks? However, Hsi Jao Ken Teng treated the situation with calm equanimity. No concern or impediment was caused in his mind. The state of “Among all unconditional dharmas expounded by the Buddha, endurance of humiliation is the highest” exposed the true appearance of Dharma King Palden Lodoe of the Macang Sect. He did not even bother to frown.

Ken Teng Rinpoche demonstrated his realization power to pass through a separating wall and push a vajra pole into movement that cannot be caused by human power. At this time, a lot of lights and colors appeared in the empty sky manifesting a scene of a mandala in Buddha’s world. The seven masters and ten witnesses on the spot were all very astonished. Before this ironclad fact, they had to admit that the examination was passed and that Hsi Jao Ken Teng became a totally remolded one. Dharma King Gar Tongstan who was in charge of the examination also openly changed his tone. He stated that many people had negative views toward Hsi Jao Ken Teng; however, today’s fact proved that Dharma King Palden Lodoe is a piece of genuine gold that can be tested in a furnace; he was a true accomplished one in practicing the state practice dharma of Vajra Body Substitution Meditation; and he was a holy virtuous one, not a swindler. Everyone who was present at the site also write a certification with his own vow to guarantee that Hsi Jao Ken Teng is an accomplished holy virtuous one.

The accomplishment of Dharma King Palden Lodoe has surpassed the highest accomplishment of the Macang Sect in history. When he mentioned the fact that H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III had transmitted him the dharma of Vajra Body Substitution Meditation, he was choking with sobs and expressed the doctrine that a cultivator should abide by “doing no evil and doing all that is good.” With the prerequisite of having a sincere and never-changing mind, everyone will acquire true Buddha-dharma just as he did and receive the dharma from the Buddha to attain the accomplishment of crown opening.