Announcement No. 201001

Published on January 6, 2010

This announcement concerns certain matters that some practitioners have asked the International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) in their letters. IBSA consulted with the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III and received the following reply:

As has been discoursed clearly in dharma lessons, H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III will not get involves in questions of rights and wrongs. However, many people still have not truly understood the dharma lessons and do not take the proclamations from the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III seriously. To say the least, they did not act accordingly. Therefore, in all seriousness they tend to report to the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III whenever a little thing happens. That is why they do not have the correct knowledge and views to seriously deal with the arising of incorrect things. Why didn’t they act according to the discourses of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III as required by the dharma? We hope that they can handle everything strictly following the stipulations laid out in those discourses.

H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III is open and aboveboard and never gives “secret” permission or promises to anyone. Statements by His Holiness have to be verified based upon either: 1) a signature, finger print, and video recording; 2) a certificate personally signed by His Holiness with a total of seventeen witnesses including seven masters (dharma kings, venerable ones, and rinpoches and ten witnesses (rinpoches, dharma masters, and eminent monastics); or 3) proclamations from the Office of H. H. Dorje Chang Buddha III. Other than those, there is no secret award, acceptance, or recognition made to anyone. We hope you all know this fact and are not fooled!

Regarding the possibilities of rinpoches devolving into the situation of Danzeng Nuori, except the great holy ones with absolute universal enlightenment or complete wonderful enlightenment (the highest two levels of enlightenment of Bodhisattvas) who possess master’s qualifications at the upper level of enlightenment, rinpoches at any level who do not meet the standards of the 128 views are certainly rinpoches in name and appearance only, including those who were mentioned in the treasure book. Problems definitely exist among them. The ones with serious violations are simply evil ones, demons, or swindlers.

The International Buddhism Sangha Association
January 6, 2010