Notice No. 20121118

Published on November 18, 2012

International Buddhism Sangha Association

Notice No. 20121118

On November 10, 2012, the United International Buddhism Headquarters held the “World Peace Grand Dharma Assembly” in Hong Kong, to pray for averting disasters and beseeching peace and good fortune in the world. The International Buddhism Sangha Association (IBSA) was tasked to carry out the affairs and activities of the dharma assembly. During the dharma assembly, the “Greatly Compassionate Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Grand Mandala Dharma Assembly” was practiced; brochures of the “Gospel of Supreme Treasure” were distributed; and a number of holy objects were on exhibit for worshipping. In addition, we invited the world Wiser Committee to teach people to play the WISER ball game. All these activities brought benefits to the great masses. The dharma assembly achieved perfect success. This is the reward of good fortune for living beings. We should all the more be grateful for the blessing of great compassion from the Buddha!


However, due to some Buddhist disciples’ lack of in-depth understanding toward the stipulation of Buddha-dharma as well as problems due to selfishness, before they themselves became clear about the real situations of some of the matters, they made some erroneous explanations when giving introductions to news reporters. As a result, after reading the news reports, many kind believers still did not have a clear and accurate concept about holy objects and holy and virtuous ones. The ranks were stated out of order, thereby causing fuzzy knowledge and confusion. Therefore, the International Buddhism Sangha Association hereby seriously gives special explanations on this issue, to inform cultivators publicly.


People should know that holy and virtuous ones of Buddhism are classified into many different grades and levels. Consequently, there are correspondingly various types of holy objects, in different grades and with different magnitudes in terms of blessing power. For example, Mozhi Rinpoche and Kaichu Rinpoche are holy and virtuous ones with master’s qualifications possessing Sun-Moon Wheels. They are higher than holy and virtuous ones who have Sumeru Wheels (See the charts in the public announcement from the United International Buddhism Headquarters for details.). However, in the end, only sariras of the Buddha were listed first in accordance with the dharma. These two rinpoches’ holy objects were even listed late in the order of introduction. Such an act was illegitimately ignorant of venerability and seniority, and was without virtue and merit. Moreover, even among holy and virtuous ones with master’s qualifications, the numbers of Sun-Moon Wheels they have also represent the magnitudes of their accomplishments and the heights of their holy realizations. The numbers of Sumeru Wheels also indicate the different status and levels of holy and virtuous ones.


For instance, a holy and virtuous one with three Sumeru Wheels is higher than a holy and virtuous one with two Sumeru Wheels, but is lower than a holy and virtuous one with one Sun-Moon Wheel who possesses master’s qualifications. This is because the Sumeru Wheel defines the scope of holy and virtuous ones, but is not within the scope of holy and virtuous ones who possesses master’s qualifications. As an example, the chairperson of IBSA, Master Longhui, is a holy and virtuous one with two Sumeru Wheels. Of course, she is a holy and virtuous one who truly passed the test and also passed the annual examination this year. She is a very-hand-to-find great dharma master and possesses higher realization than that of worldly great rinpoches, dharma kings, and eminent monks (See the charts in the public announcement from the United International Buddhism Headquarters for details.). However, she has not attained the realization of a holy and virtuous one with three Sumeru Wheels.


On the other hand, Buddha-bestowed nectars and sariras must be beseeched by extremely great holy and virtuous ones with five Sun-Moon Wheels who possess the enlightenment capacity of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva at the level of universal enlightenment or marvelous enlightenment. Holy and virtuous ones with one Sun-Moon Wheel who possess master’s qualifications at the beginning level of holy realization or holy and virtuous ones with two Sun-Moon Wheels who possess master’s qualifications at the middle level of holy realization have no way to beseech and obtain Buddha-bestowed nectars and sariras. Actually, even a holy and virtuous one with three Sun-Moon Wheels whose holy realization is higher than that of Mozhi Rinpoche would not be able to do that. The separation is still analogous to tens of thousands of miles. How could a holy and virtuous one who currently has two Sumeru Wheels possibly be able to beseech and obtain? Some people stated that nectars and sariras came down while Master Longhui and a group of bhiksunis were chanting sutras and reciting mantras. If this is the way a disciple introduced one’s own master to reporters, such a statement truly described the supreme Buddha-dharma as too valueless.


Let’s state the truth in an open and clear way. It would not be an easy matter even if Guru Padmasambhava, Master Tsongkhapa, or Master Selfless Mother beseeched Buddha-bestowed nectars. Perhaps it may not be successful. Such an initiative must be taken by Kuan Yin Bodhisattva, Green Tara, or Manjushri Bodhisattva. Those people who made the introduction to reporters exaggerated too much. They did not think about the consequences of speaking carelessly to flatter their master without establishing any factual basis. People who do not have the inside information would have the opinion that Master Longhui has committed big negative karmas of speaking falsely, claiming realization before having realized it, and claiming attainment before actually attained it! Fortunately, Master Longhui herself explained clearly that she was the person washing the bowl. She did not make any false statement. That showed her manner and style of a holy and virtuous one. However, some people already stated mistakenly to set the position, status, and ranks wrong within the system of Buddha-dharma, with the consequence of contaminating holy dharma and leading people to get lost. Again, the matter of beseeching nectars and sariras is simply not something that a holy and virtuous one with Sumeru Wheels can relate to!!!


Unfortunately, those articles were already published in newspapers. People had big misunderstandings from reading them. Confusion has been caused in the stipulation of Buddha-dharma. Therefore, we are facing a chaotic situation of living beings’ good roots being destroyed, the ranking of holy and virtuous ones being made out of order, and recognizing what is wrong as the truth by over 10,000 Buddhist organizations. At this moment when living beings’ good roots are at stake, if we do not put a stop to the situation and, instead, let it permeate and propagate freely, the consequence will definitely be unthinkable. Therefore, we must forcefully turn back this wild trend.


In order to let the great masses not devolve due to confusion and let them have a clear concept about the ranks and grades concerning holy and virtuous ones with master’s qualifications, holy and virtuous ones, and great virtuous ones as well as dharma kings, rinpoches, and dharma masters, we now specifically forward the public announcement from the United International Buddhism Headquarters, titled “Replies to Inquiries.” Please reference and follow this public announcement for specific definitions and stipulations. Then, you all will know the true situation. Your doubts and questions will naturally find answers, so that your knowledge and views will turn correct early.

                                                            International Buddhism Sangha Association

                                                         November 18, 2012