About Us

The Xuanfa Institute is a nonprofit, international organization founded by  Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche to propagate the Buddha-dharma. Plans are underway at the Institute to convert an existing residence into a temple and short-term retreat facility and to construct a stupa to mark the coming to this world of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha and the recognition of the site as the fourth vajra throne in the world. A long-term retreat facility and individual retreat facilities are also planned for the near future.

Many who visit the Institute have experienced supernormal events and supernatural  manifestations. These are all indications that this is a very special site, a holy site–in fact, the first bodhimanda or vajra throne in the western world. You can learn more about these Holy Manifestations by clicking the following videos and articles:

Holy Manifestations

Light Beings at Xuanfa Institute (Video)

Holy Vajra Poles (Video)

Holy Vajra Pills (Video)

Buddha Lights (Video)